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What is the Future of Mobility?

We do realize it’s a tricky question, and there are several thousands of voices you could listen to with different theories and answers. The future of mobility is obviously more than important to us so we have taken the matters into our own hands. With the Future Mobility Awards we want to recognize startups all over the world who are changing the industry. Let us tell you about it.

“The Future Mobility Awards are perfect for upcoming startups. By applying you are exposing yourself to some of the most influential people in the industry” - Karolina Bjurehed, Volvo Tech Fund, Volvo Cars

You could speculate forever on what the future might hold for mobility. We have taken another path, we divided the future into categories; 

AI for Safety 
Virtual Development

3 of which we would like to get a little deeper into. 


The future of mobility certainly needs to be sustainable. All of our societal development has to be. We want to acknowledge startups working with sustainable development within the mobility industry because there is no future without them. 

“The Future Mobility Awards celebrate startups all over the world that share our ambition to drive prosperity through sustainable transport solutions” - Philip Wockatz, Volvo Group 

But what does it mean? To work towards a more sustainable future for mobility? Well, it has first and foremost to do with the problematic and unsustainable history of the industry, of most industries really. It is draining the earth from its resources. Keeping up with the pace of development within mobility as well as sustainability is what startups do best. Their business models and innovations are what the future requires to be sustainable. It could entail everything from working circularly to ​new sustainable innovations. 

AI for safety

The next category entails AI and safety, specifically AI for Safety. In the mobility industry safety is essential and the demands for it are sky high. Therefore it’s self explanatory that new methods and technologies are very important within this category. 

With AI for Safety we are targeting startups developing mobility solutions on tech platforms of machine learning with the aim to improve the safety of the products. This is a broad segment and fits startups working with every thinkable aspect of future safety. We’re talking about data management, traffic planning, driver support, sharing economy solutions for mobility, smart infrastructures, cyber security, autonomous vehicles and smart infrastructures - you name it. The future of mobility as far as AI for safety is concerned has a lot of potential as well as challenges. 


Connectivity has taken its place as one of the major developing segments of future mobility. The future of this industry might not even be recognizable for us compared to the current situation. And connectivity plays a huge role in that. Startups working with connectivity for future mobility are usually found within a range of automated driving, intelligent driving, advanced maps and real time data as well as cloud based analytics for driving assistance, completely changing the way we see the industry. 

Obviously these different aspects of future mobility matter, a lot. That is why we’ve created the Future Mobility Award. 

“The Future Mobility Awards are a unique opportunity for ambitious startups to showcase their talents to market leaders within mobility” - Konstantin Zervas, IoT/ Connected Vehicles, Ericsson

The application is open for startups all over the world and it doesn’t close until August 21. So, if you happen to be working for a startup whiting any of these segments. Make sure to apply here.