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Ericsson 5G & IOT Bootcamp

8 May 2019 09:00 to 9 May 2019 13:00
Ericsson, Lindholmspiren 11, Gothenburg

Ericsson Garage invites you to a ”smorgasbord”, for anyone interested in 5G and IoT. For two days you will beehive around everything from chipsets to connectivity, cloud platforms, device and data management, application development, AI and possibly even business models. There will be a mix of keynotes, demos, ask the experts, networking, pitches and hands-on development though a hackathon. All this in an inspiring environment. But above all, you’ll have alot of fun!

So, do you have an idea but need some help realizing it? Do you have code and need to test it in a live IoT network? Do you have a passion but need a place to live it out? Ericsson will provide live networks and SIM cards, real and live data streams for app development, devices and sensors with multiple access/connectivity possibilities, an IoT accelerator platform with possibilities of connecting a device, feed up data and build an application. On top of this there will be experts covering all areas in the end-to-end IoT space, garage incubation coaches, inspirational key note speakers and you will have the oppurtunity to meet representatives from MobilityXlab.

Hack for good – Sustainable Smart Gothenburg The hands-on exercise is open to teams and start-ups and runs from lunch to lunch 8-9th of May. Either you just want to explore and test, or you already have an idea you want to develop further. You have the possibility to pitch and get coaching support from Ericsson Garage during the hackathon. The overall theme is Sustainable and Smart Cities, where sustainability can be addressed in three areas: Environmental, Social and Economic.

Example hack for good areas could be:

  • Environment: Air, water, noise pollution, …
  • (Autonomous) transportations: drones, vehicles, …
  • Logistics: (shared) movement of people and goods
  • Urban farming – the eatable city
  • The safe city
  • Connected healthcare and well-being, …
  • Livability: Park maintenance, waste management, …
  • Smart Buildings: Connected homes, offices, manufacturing plants, …

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Arranged by Ericsson.