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Offers wireless communication solutions based on the Gap waveguide technology, great potential is found in the millimeter wave antennas that can be applied in telecom 5G systems and automotive radars.

The Gap waveguide technology

Gap waveguide technology provided by Gapwaves is a completely new platform offering significant advantages for use in millimeter wave to terahertz frequencies. Just one example is that with higher frequencies, the capacity and speed in the mobile networks can be increased by a factor of 20.



- Faster, further, less costly and more sustainable

Today, Gapwaves solutions are opening doors to reduced costs and enhanced performance of 5G base stations, microwave radios, automotive radars, space communications and beyond. Read about our 5G solutions and many more here!



About Gapwaves

Founded: 20xx
Headquarter: Gothenburg, Sweden
Business: xx
Employees: xx
Co-Founders: xx