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Viscando detects pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles to help you see traffic trends, flow & road user behaviour - data automatically, clearly and instantly available at your desktop.

Viscando helps you to correct decisions on traffic by providing objective and accurate data insights. We offer automatic systems for realtime knowledge and management of all types of traffic; pedestrians, cyclists, cars and heavy vehicles. By means of innovative products and services we simplify the daily work not only for engineers at public road authorities and traffic planners, but also city centre developers, property owners and out-of-home advertising (OOH), as well as amusement parks, events and much more. Viscando contribute to safer traffic and more sustainable, smart cities.

From the start in 2014 we have through intensive development created a solution that mimics how humans look at the world. Based on our patents in artificial intelligence we constantly find new applications and pride ourselves to help customers take the guesswork out and a data-driven approach in. From an unknown company in Sweden to well-known and proven in the Nordics, we now set the horizon for Europe and the rest of the world. Viscando has on a short time gone from a promising startup to a fast-growing company


About Viscando

Founded: 2014
Headquarter:  Gothenburg, Sweden
Business:  Traffic insights made easy
Employees: 11 
Co-Founders:  Ulf Erlandsson and Amritpal Singh