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Collaborators win – One year of valuable learnings

On October 5th, we celebrated MobilityXlab’s one year anniversary together with startups, partner CEOs and/or representatives as well as colleagues from all our partners.
We had the pleasure to be joined by Åsa Tamsons from Ericsson, Lennart Börjesson from Volvo Group, Ola Boström from Veoneer, Håkan Samuelsson from Volvo Cars, Dennis Nobelius from Zenuity and Didier Schreiber from CEVT. Erik Hjerpe from Volvo Cars and Alessia Knauss here, not pictured, presented a joint partner project.

Learnings were shared and everyone was able to explore our achievements to date. It was a lively day combining curiosity with insights and generating a pleasing buzz at our ShowLab and at our OfficeLab at Lindholmen. New ideas were born out of this meeting between all the people from all our partner companies. That’s what MobilityXlab is all about — it happens when we meet.

MobilityXlab is an unconventional collaboration platform, where emerging companies are invited to explore their bold new ideas hand in hand with established companies within the automotive and connectivity fields. During our first year, we experimented with various collaboration methods between start-ups and partners as well as between our partners. At our anniversary and at the “Experience MobilityXlab-Tour” we shared our ongoing projects and everyone had the opportunity to meet the start-ups and the people involved in the partner projects.

This collaboration platform is a new way of working and creates a new mind-set at our partner companies. It’s a perfect place where we can do the things that we usually cannot do. Here we can experiment and see what happens. This is what the X in MobilityXlab symbolizes, the collaboration between a start-up and at least two partners, as well as the unknown. We meet, dare to share, and we don’t know what the outcome will be. That courage gives us the opportunity to move faster, and to identify new projects and new ways to move toward our vision “together we bring future mobility closer.”

We could have spent years planning our way of working, the theme of our community and how to collaborate but Katarina Brud, who runs MobilityXlab full time, says the team started with a determination not to get bogged down in endless debate: “We asked ourselves: ‘Are we going to just sit here and plan for six months, or are we going to take action?’ We decided to work in an agile manner, by testing and continuously improving. We can absolutely say that this is the way this should be done. Dream big, start small and never finish. But most important of all, get started!”

To date, MobilityXlab has had 34 start-ups from all over the world pitching to the partner group. In the current period, there are nine start-ups working for six months at the MobilityXlab office, where they have access to contacts and expertise from all of our founders and partners. This is highly valuable to the start-ups, not having to book a meeting three months in advance, and not having to struggle to find the right person. They’re right here!

Meet four of our startups in our movie "World in progress"

“We had a broad scope for our first term, The Future of Mobility, which meant we got everything under the sun! From printed connected lights to radars and to mobility as a service platform, to electrical motors and everything in between. It’s been a good exercise for us. A set focus from the start wouldn’t have given as much.” Katarina said.  So for this Autumn, we set AI as the focus, which gave us much better possibilities for identifying the right contacts internally at our partners, who we could then also invite to exciting workshops around the hot issue of AI.

For our Spring term next year, we will primarily focus on emerging companies developing mobility solutions using AI technology platforms. Mobility solutions is broadly defined and includes applications, such as driver support, smart infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, traffic planning, new business models for mobility, sharing financial solutions for mobility, etc. It also includes cyber security and data management for mobility solutions. With this scope, we wish to accelerate even more by getting more start-ups to apply to MobilityXlab, but also by identifying more contacts within our partner companies that, in partnership with us, want to bring future mobility closer.

As MobilityXlab reached the end of its first year, we dared to share the lessons we had learned and we are now looking forward to making the next MobilityXlab term even better.  

Thank you for coming and contributing to the buzz and to our great day. And if you didn’t have the chance to come, the door is open, come by whenever you want.

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MobilityXlab’s partners are CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity. We are hosted by Lindholmen Science Park with support from Vinnova & Västra Götalandsregionen.