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Trust your sensors – Meet RadChat, one of our newest startups

RadChat, from Gothenburg Sweden, is among the newest batch of startups to join MobilityXlab. A startup spawned from a research and entrepreneurship program at Chalmers University, they offer a new approach to vehicle communications.

By adding communication capabilities to radar chips they proactively delete radar interference, enhance radar functionalities, and open up new possibilities within data sharing.

Lukas Crisp, Head of Business Development at RadChat, is looking forward to meeting the founding partners of MobilityXlab;

– Over the last few years our team has become experts on our solution but through the MobilityXlab platform and its partner companies, we hope to gain a better understanding of the problems that exist in the industry and how our innovation can help solve them. For young companies like ours, there is nothing that can compare to the opportunity that lays ahead of us. We believe that innovation happens in collaboration and look forward to meeting the partners.

We are a startup spawned from research and the entrepreneurship programme at Chalmers University.

Reliable sensors and secure communication are required

The innovation behind RadChat is all about trusting your sensors. In order to enable autonomous vehicles, reliable sensors and secure communication between vehicles are required. With more and more radar sensors on our roads, they risk interfering with each other and thus negatively affect the information that the car acts on. RadChat is a method for ultra-rapid scheduling of radar sensors in proximity that enables reliable radar functionality through a completely new, secure, and fast communication link.

The data sharing utility provides a complementing technology for communication in situations where low latency, directed links, and safety are required. Examples of data that can be sent include video streams, critical safety alerts, localization and positioning data, and more.

– Our vision is to improve safety functions in vehicles and add value not only to our customers but also society as a whole, Lukas Crisp concludes. – We are actively looking for partners and talented team members that could help us achieve these goals.