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Vinnova saw the need - MobilityXlab was the solution

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. What does that mean, you might ask? Well, it means they’re the authority responsible for the swedish innovation system. It’s their mission to investigate and define needs in society and basically enable the solutions. Which is pretty much what happened when MobilityXlab was born. Have you heard this story?

You see. In Gothenburg, on an island called Hisingen, you can find Lindholmen where several global companies and industry leaders within the automotive and mobility industry are located. We’re talking major players such as Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Z2, CEVT, Ericsson and Veoneer. And by talking to each other (Vinnova, Lindholmen Science Park and the company leaders) they realized that there is a large need for new and faster innovations. 

  • My job is to work proactively. I keep in close contact with our geographically close businesses, organizations, regions, governmental organizations and so on to listen to their challenges and problems. Within Vinnova me and my colleagues match those needs to innovations in the system. If we find an interface we step in and help enable solutions, says Filip Kjellgren, programme manager at Vinnova. 

As Filip and Vinnova learned, it wasn’t just one of the companies at Lindholmen who had this need, but a lot of them. Said and done, there had to be a way to help all of these large and important corporations reach innovation faster. 

  • When this discussion was going on we also had contact with startups within the innovation system who felt that the walls into these companies were too high to climb. They never knew who to talk to and had trouble getting inside. We needed to help make this dialogue more functioning, says Filip. 

Vinnova supports innovation by facilitation and monetary contributions. Together with Lindholmen Science Park and all those big players at Lindholmen they saw an opportunity to solve the problem by supporting a collaboration hub. Guess which one? 

  • There is a really unique selling point in MobilityXlab. MobilityXlab facilitates connections so that startups get access to several potentially huge future clients at the same time. Considering our mission at Vinnova that fits our purposes and goals really well. But that’s not all. They enable collaboration between the partner companies as well, which is beneficial for the whole ecosystem, says Filip. 

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