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Our Startups

With this period's focus on AI we are certain that we will create exciting solutions bringing future mobility together with these emerging companies.  Check them out!

  • Ekkono

    Making connected things smart by embedding advanced machine-learning on the connected device, i.e. edge computing.  

  • Machine Intelligence

    Bringing cutting edge research in machine learning from academia to strategic industry applications.

  • Talkamatic

    Creating the next generation of conversational AI.

  • Vantagist

    Specializing in software for analyzing and visualizing very large scale position and motion data sets, such as those arising from GPS tracking of many thousands of vehicles trucks, airplanes, and assets.

  • Valossa

    Delivering video recognition and intelligence through an AI platform recognizing people and identities, visual objects, audio context and translating speech-to-text, highlights keywords and recognizes explicit content.

  • Viking Analytics

    Helping to predict and prevent machine downtime and plan maintenance for the heavy industry.

  • Annotell

    Provides a unique web-based platform that makes it radically smoother and more efficient to create high quality annotated data for supervised machine learning.

  • Gapwaves

    Offers wireless communication solutions based on the Gap waveguide technology, great potential is found in the millimeter wave antennas that can be applied in telecom 5G systems and automotive radars.

  • Hailo

    Hailo is developing a breakthrough specialized deep learning microprocessor to deliver data center performance to edge devices.