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Artificial Intelligence in focus

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is in focus for MobilityXlab’s next round of invitations to technology developers. Automation needs to become better than humans at solving tasks such as driving a vehicle, managing fleets, optimizing traffic flows, managing smart mobility or analysing and interpreting data.

- The focus on AI is important for MobilityXlab, since AI is a technology which is rapidly being deployed into multiple domains, says Katarina Brud, program manager at MobilityXlab. It enables automation of cognitive tasks and creates great opportunities for developing future mobility to become more effective, safe and secure. 

Joining the MobilityXlab means that young companies with pioneering ideas are welcomed to the community, to collaborate with global players within mobility and connectivity for a six-month period.

By offering a dedicated contact person to guide and access the partners’ competence, networks, tools and insights from leading subject matter experts, as well as workspace, MobilityXlab wants to open the doors for companies ready to take on the challenge to bring the future of mobility closer.

This application period runs until 26th of April (the Autumn invitation, July 2018-Dec 2018), followed by a pitch session beginning of May with the partner companies.

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We, the founders, are passionate about transportation improving the world of tomorrow. We see a need for unconventional collaborations where large companies and young newcomers can drive innovation together.
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