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Ericsson searches for innovations within connectivity and cloud technology

Monday, November 15, 2021

MobilityXlab's pitch week for startups has begun. During November 15-19, thirty startups have been invited to pitch in front of MobilityXlab’s six founding partners who continue their search for innovations within five categories: Electromobility, Connectivity, Smart transport system, Safety assurance, and In-cabin tech.

Agneta Sandberg, Head of Connected Vehicles Architecture and Solutions will be a part of the team from Ericsson listening in to several of the pitches.

Ericsson global_emissions_reduction_green_city_2_web

- MobilityXlab is a platform that allows us to shape new collaborations with existing as well as new entrants to the automotive ecosystem. To reach a future that is connected, safe, sustainable, and more efficient – innovating together with our partners is key – and inviting startups to work with us is a great way of staying up to date with the latest trends. At Ericsson, we want to be a digitalization partner for the automotive domain. Startups looking at connectivity and cloud technology, to name a few examples, with a new perspective will be interesting and potential future partners for us.
When a startup presents its innovation to a well-established company, it can often be a prototype based on a brand-new technique, using a process that does not exist on a larger scale. How does Ericsson successfully integrate innovations into your existing processes once you have decided to do a PoC?

- Luckily, we also have well-defined operations for bringing new ideas to a larger scale – thanks to processes created in our internal accelerator Ericsson One. Ideas with great potential based on existing challenges in the market tend to grow no matter how small they were to begin with.

Can you name one innovation that would be an absolute dream to find for Ericsson, and the industry as a whole, with sustainability as the main focus?

- Any and all innovations that can speed up the decarbonization transition will be very interesting to encounter. All new vehicles will be connected, and they are entering an ecosystem that is still being developed, where data and resources will be increasingly shared between vehicles, persons, and infrastructure, concludes Agneta Sandberg.