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MobilityXlab invites eight startups to join the collaboration platform with mobility industry leaders

Monday, January 16, 2023

Collaborating with startups is one important way to produce climate-neutral vehicles faster. Sustainable materials, passports to track the lifecycle of electric batteries, and technology that can reduce the amount of raw materials used in batteries are some of the innovations developed by the eight startups that are joining MobilityXlab.

Startups and industry leaders meet at MobilityXlab, which is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park. Photo: Lindholmen Science Park

Startups and industry leaders meet at MobilityXlab, which is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park. Photo: Lindholmen Science Park

The startups joining MobilityXlab are: Battrion (Switzerland), CanaryBit (Sweden), Klimator (Sweden), Minespider (Switzerland), Opteran (United Kingdom), Reselo (Sweden), TripleBlind (United States), Viaduct (United States). They will now participate in the program for at least six months to co-create solutions with the seven world-leading industry partners: CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact.

In every application period, startups are scouted and selected based on the needs of its industry partners. This year, sustainability has been in the focus, as MobilityXlab’s partner companies aim to be at the forefront of climate-neutral transportation.

"Innovation is key to creating the sustainable societies of tomorrow and collaborating with startups is one of the most important elements for reaching the solutions that are demanded by current and future mobility", says Nils Mösko, Chairperson at MobilityXlab and Head of Strategy and Business Development at Polestar.

One example is the startup Reselo, founded in 2020 in Sweden, which is developing high-performing biomaterials and offers a substitute for synthetic rubber in most applications. By using biomass residues from the forest industry, they produce a very low CO2 footprint material.

"Many products are made of synthetic rubber, derived from oil, which causes a lot of CO2 emissions. On the other hand, natural rubber can also have an impact on deforestation, competition with food production, and decreased biodiversity. We want to solve these problems by using birch bark from Scandinavian forests to develop rubber", explains Henrik Otendal, CEO of Reselo, in a comment and continues:

"Joining MobilityXlab gives us the opportunity to co-create solutions with some of the largest players in the automotive industry from day one. The program’s priority on validation and the practical development of a product is extremely valuable for startups.”


Five years accelerating innovation

Since its foundation five years ago, in 2017, MobilityXlab’s success relies on the closeness to its world-leading industry partners, as their representatives are involved in every part of the organization, from screening new applicants to leading the collaboration programs. As a result, the program has received more than 800 applications from startups in over 50 countries.

"It is not possible for companies to take the lead on innovation on their own and an increasing number of organizations have adopted partnership as a new form of leadership. In this scenario, MobilityXlab has the role of being a neutral platform where knowledge, resources, and expertise steer productive collaboration for all parts involved", says Katarina Brud, Director at MobilityXlab.

The selection process for MobilityXlab takes place twice a year and the next application period opens in February 2023. To be invited into the program, a startup needs to be selected by at least two of its industry partners. This reinforces knowledge sharing and increases the outcomes for Proof of Concept (PoC) and validation projects.


Meet the startups


Established in 2015 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, Battrion develops and markets its innovative Aligned Graphite® fabrication technology for lithium-ion batteries, with the aim of increasing the charging speed of high-energy density cells.


CanaryBit is an independent and international team with expertise in Cybersecurity, Cloud and Confidential Computing. We enable serene collaboration between businesses or Public Authorities. We use state-of-the-art tools to protect data ownership and privacy, guided by European data regulations.


By providing unparalleled road weather data, a critical component when connecting the surrounding environment, Klimator's mission is to enable data-driven change with cutting-edge technologies. Enabling proactive AD and ADAS systems and the next level of safety by bridging the gap between nature and innovation.

Minespider offers a sustainable supply chain collaborative network and solution to enable electrical mobility and move towards more sustainable critical mineral sourcing, full regulatory compliance, decarbonization, and battery production and recycling through the Battery Passports.

Opteran re-engineers insect brains! Building algorithms that enable machines to move more like nature – we call it ‘natural intelligence’.

Reselo AB
Reselo’s vision is to enable sustainable living by providing high performing biomaterials to replace fossil fuel-derived polymers and plastics. By using residues from the forest industry and turning that into a high-quality rubber, Reselo will revolutionize both the forest and the rubber industry.

TripleBlind enables "privacy regulation compliant" data collaboration by never sharing raw data. We unlock private, federated data for reporting, analytics, statistics, and AI; and our approach doesn’t rely on techniques which remove signal from the data. Using TripleBlind, your results retain the same fidelity as if you were using the raw data. 

Viaduct is the AI-platform built to deliver vehicle health analytics that helps automotive OEMs, suppliers, and fleets reduce the cost of quality and deploy predictive maintenance strategies at scale