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MobilityXlab selects four startups to drive transport decarbonization and safety innovations

Monday, June 24, 2024

MobilityXlab, a leading collaboration platform for the mobility industry hosted by Lindholmen Science Park, announces the selection of four innovative startups to join Batch 13. The chosen startups—Biofiber Tech (Sweden), GO TO-U (USA), Terranet (Sweden), and Megasets (United Kingdom)—were selected by MobilityXlab's partner companies for their solutions aimed at advancing transport decarbonization with biocomposite materials, improving electric vehicle (EV) charging, and enhancing development and safety in autonomous driving. 

A startup presents its solution to MobilityXlab partners at Tech Day

MobilityXlab is the neutral platform where startups and the mobility industry meet and collaborate. Image: Lindholmen Science Park

The selected startups will now embark on a six-month collaboration program with MobilityXlab's partners: Ericsson, Magna, Polestar, Volvo Group, Zeekr Technology Europe and Zenseact. The collaboration framework proposed by MobilityXlab is designed to facilitate the joint development of solutions, starting with a validation project and potentially leading to a commercial contract. 

Since its foundation in 2017, MobilityXlab has reached 115 validation projects, or proof-of-concepts, between startups and the program partners and 23 accelerations, when the startups receive an investment from a partner company or enter a commercial contract with them. With the addition of Batch 13, MobilityXlab has now 102 startups in its portfolio, from 19 different countries. 

"The future of mobility is safe, sustainable and accessible and structured collaboration is key to making it reality," said Katarina Brud, Director of MobilityXlab. "By bringing together innovative startups and established industry leaders, we can drive significant progress in safety and decarbonization and attract talent and technology to Sweden." 

Tobias Aderum, Director of Research and Innovation at Magna Electronics and Chairperson of MobilityXlab's Steering Board, emphasized the value of such collaborations: "Working with startups provides the industry with fresh perspectives and cutting-edge technologies. This synergy is very important for us while driving innovation and maintaining a competitive advantage." 

For the startups, joining MobilityXlab is an opportunity for direct relationships with potential customers. Dr. Lyubov Artemenko, founder and COO at startup GO TO-U expressed enthusiasm: "Joining MobilityXlab is a tremendous opportunity for us. The collaboration platform offers unparalleled access to industry expertise and resources, which will be invaluable in advancing our technology and achieving our goals." 

The selected startups: 

Biofiber Tech (Sweden): 
Swedish innovator in sustainable plastics with its flagship product, FibraQ. This pelletized form of modified wood fibers, sourced from sustainably managed forests, helps industries reduce their carbon footprint by creating high-performance biocomposites when mixed with various polymers. 

GO TO-U (United States): 
GO TO-U is an operating system for EV charging management. It leverages AI and machine learning to monitor, predict, and optimize EV charging process, delivering five times higher ROI for charge point operators. 

Megasets (United Kingdom): 
Megasets is building a platform for generation of digital environments, scenarios and synthetic datasets for accelerating development in autonomous driving and robotics applications. 

Terranet (Sweden): 
Terranet aims to revolutionize traffic safety and save more lives with a unique solution for ADAS and AD. The anticollision system Blinc Vision scans the road and discovers objects ten times faster and with a higher precision, enabling the vehicle to react adequately. 

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Katarina Brud

By bringing together innovative startups and established industry leaders, we can drive significant progress in safety and decarbonization and attract talent and technology to Sweden.

Katarina Brud, Director at MobilityXlab