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MobilityXlab welcomes new emerging companies

Friday, July 6, 2018

Nine emerging and highly exciting companies have now been selected to join MobilityXlab. The aim is to create the future of mobility together with MobilityXlab’s global partners.

MobilityXlab added the focus area of AI (artificial intelligence) in mobility and connectivity when inviting new start-ups to the second application period. After a thorough selection process, MobilityXlab is now pleased to welcome nine companies.

“We are very excited about this second round with all these pioneering companies coming onboard and being prepared to contribute to new innovation and to our community. During this period, we will certainly move MobilityXlab to the next level,” says Katarina Brud, manager responsible for MobilityXlab at Lindholmen Science Park, who is working close with the six partners CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity.

The first half-year resulted in some very interesting collaboration projects between start-ups and global players, with the aim of developing and demonstrating safer and more efficient transportation for tomorrow’s world and bringing the future of mobility closer.

The first half-year was a period we would describe as the starting point of a new collaboration era. Collaboration is key, and it happens when we meet,” continues Katarina.

“With these start-ups joining, all of us partners of MobilityXlab, are very enthusiastic to see new possible collaborations develop over time,” says Christian Svensson, Director Innovation, Veoneer, Chairman of the steering board, MobilityXlab.

“Joining MobilityXlab is a great opportunity for us to interact and engage deeper with very exciting potential partners from the automotive and connectivity industries,” says Andreas Krona, CCO, Talkamatic.

Rajet Krishnan, co-founder of Viking Analytics comments “We are super excited to be a part of MobilityXlab. Our main challenge at this stage is to find scalable business use cases. MobilityXlab solves this challenge by giving us a unique opportunity to engage with some of the largest players in the manufacturing and ICT sector. Furthermore, we look forward to engaging with our mentors at MobilityXlab, who have deep insights into the challenges of the manufacturing industry.”


Meet the companies that have been selected:

Ekkono: Making connected things smart by embedding advanced machine-learning on the connected device, i.e. edge computing.  

Machine Intelligence: Bringing cutting edge research in machine learning from academia to strategic industry applications.

Talkamatic: Creating the next generation of conversational AI.

Vantagist: Specializing in software for analyzing and visualizing very large scale position and motion data sets, such as those arising from GPS tracking of many thousands of vehicles trucks, airplanes, and assets.

Valossa: Delivering video recognition and intelligence through an AI platform recognizing people and identities, visual objects, audio context and translating speech-to-text, highlights keywords and recognizes explicit content.

Viking Analytics: Helping to predict and prevent machine downtime and plan maintenance for the heavy industry.

From our first period we also welcome the following companies to stay onboard:

AnnotellProvides a unique web-based platform that makes it radically smoother and more efficient to create high quality annotated data for supervised machine learning.

Gapwaves: Offers wireless communication solutions based on the GAP waveguide technology, great potential is found in the millimeter wave antennas that can be applied in telecom 5G systems and automotive radars.
Hailo: Hailo is developing a breakthrough specialized deep learning microprocessor to deliver data center performance to edge devices.

For further information please contact:


Katarina Brud                                          
+46 (0)31 764 70 29


Christian Svensson
Chairman of the Steering Board 

+46 (0)322 626287



MobilityXlab is an unconventional collaboration platform where large and emerging companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together. We offer these newcomers the opportunity to accelerate through the possibility to strategic partnership with six global players within mobility and connectivity. We are passionate about transportation and we are sure that we together will bring the future of mobility closer and improving the world of tomorrow.

MobilityXlab’s partners are CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity. The initative is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park with support from Vinnova & Västra Götalandsregionen.