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Seven startups are invited to Gothenburg’s innovation hub MobilityXlab in January 2021

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

After a thorough selection process and a record number of applications, seven startups are selected to be a part of MobilityXlab and get the chance to collaborate with MobilityXlab’s partners CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact.

The companies are:
CogniBIT (Germany)
High Mobility (Germany)
Naventik (Germany)
Nortical (Sweden)
Opsis Emotion AI (Singapore)
Phasya (Belgium)
The Tyre Collective (United Kingdom)

The opportunity to develop innovations to get to the next level together with MobilityXlab’s partners attracts many emerging companies all over the world. The selected startups address different areas such as tyre wear, battery health, driver behaviour and simulations,all with the same passion, creating the future of mobility. 

“We are very excited to have been accepted to the MobilityXlab program. This is a great opportunity for us at Nortical to work together with world-leading companies and help them in truly utilizing the full potential of Li-ion batteries.” says Pavel Calderon, COO at Nortical

”The selection process takes place twice a year and the engagement from all partners is high. Working with innovation is not only about what companies do on their own but who they have access to and collaborate with!” says Katarina Brud, Director at MobilityXlab. 

“​I am proud to see how MobilityXlab continues to attract leading startups from across the world. It is proof that this way of working is a winning formula for collaboration with the aim to speed up innovation. Their strong focus on sustainable mobility is a perfect match with the partners’ ambitions to create cleaner, safer and more efficient transport solutions” says  Johan Lundén, Senior Vice President - Volvo Group, and Chairman at MobilityXlab.

Meet the companies selected: 

CogniBIT (Germany)
We are cogniBIT, a deep-tech startup from Munich, enabling the development of safe autonomous driving through realistic simulation of human road users. Our traffic agent models allow car manufacturers to test in simulation whether their autonomous cars can cope with unpredictable human behavior.

HIGH MOBILITY is a car data company with a mission to build the best environment for innovative companies to discuss, test, and launch data-driven mobility services. Pioneering third-party insurance, EV charging, and fleet management services use HIGH MOBILITY’s Auto API to access vehicle data from various carmakers through a single API.

Naventik (Germany)
NAVENTIK GmbH is a spin-off from the University of Technology Chemnitz. Based on more than 18 years (combined) of R&D of the founders, the company’s mission is to enable satellite navigation for automated driving. Core competency is to provide positioning solutions for ADAS of SAE Level 3+ with a unique proprietary GNSS sensor and positioning engine.

Nortical (Sweden)
Nortical specializes in battery performance estimations. By gathering data from actual battery usage, predicting performance and value degradation of lithium-ion batteries in applications ranging from electric vehicles to energy storage systems. With this data, Nautical empowers its customers with the tools needed to make informed decisions about how to use their batteries better as well as finding second life buyers of their batteries.

Opsis Emotion AI (Singapore)
Opsis is a spin-off from A*STAR based on 5 years of R&D in Emotion Analyses AI. The technology has won 6 international awards and accolades:

  • Only solution in the world using the psychology circumplex model resulting in more precise emotion measurements with 2 Dimension data points.
  • ​Real-time processing and analysis for individual and large crowds.
  • Technology accounts for Ethnicity and cultural differences with high accuracy of 93%
  • ​Capable of detecting thousands of different moods

Phasaya (Belgium)
Phasya develops advanced software for monitoring the driver’s physiological and cognitive states (e.g., drowsiness, cognitive load, stress) that impact his safety, behavior, well-being, and user experience.

The Tyre Collective (United Kingdom)
The Tyre Collective is an innovation company spearheading tyre wear capture and monitoring. We are accelerating the shift towards zero-emission mobility to safeguard our environment and health.