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A sneak peek into the collaboration between Prometa and Volvo Group

Friday, May 28, 2021
Prometa is a Swedish scaleup company that entered MobilityXlab back in January 2019. A lot has happened since then and their work with several business units within Volvo Group is a great example of scaleup and enterprise collaborations. Want a sneak peek?
Henrik Karlsson, Co-founder & CEO and Mihai Gherman, Co-founder & executive chairman of Prometa. Photo by: Erik Lundback.

The need for faster innovation and new business models found through collaboration between different companies won’t cease anytime soon. The more MobilityXlab can encourage these kinds of approaches to different problems the better.

Prometa develops and delivers Automation of Work. They focus on Enterprise Data Cleaning in repetitive business processes, using a proprietary machine learning system.

Volvo Group Trucks Operations – Production Logistics were in a position where poor data had resulted in lost time and money as well as lack of proper decision support. After identifying improved data quality as a strategic focus area, Prometa was used to create consistent and reliable data, with a good outcome. Results showed that the savings amounted to as much as 85%, based on the previously used working hours. 

  • We deliver cost savings and efficiency improvements. We have a pay-per-use business model with zero investment, zero day ROI, zero day cancellation, zero lock-in and zero maintenance for our customers. Our model means full freedom and no risk for the customer, which is very different from traditional heavy and expensive IT projects, says Henrik Karlsson, CEO of Prometa. 

Within the Business Controlling department at Volvo Group Purchasing, data collection from suppliers has been difficult to handle due to the large number of supplier-specific data formats. In this collaboration the Prometa automation system delivers translated data in a predetermined and standardized Volvo data format. The saving and value creation can be measured in time and quality which also leads to an increased usage of the data. 

  • The collaboration between Volvo Group Purchasing and Prometa shows that it is possible to look at solving pain points – like in this case cleaning data linked to raw material updates – with the support from companies in the MobilityXlab network. For this first case we pay for the delivered value it brings to Volvo - not for the development of the tool to do the job. The software tool to do it is the “production tool” that Prometa owns and they have the possibility to adapt for customer needs in joint discussions with Volvo Group employees. This is of course a way to try out a solution to see if we have an opportunity to scale up. We plan to look into further use cases together with Prometa. To succeed on our digitalization journey, clean data is really key in order to even talk about RPA solutions or advanced analytics, says Fredrik Carlsson, SVP Business Office & IT.

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