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Tech Day 2021 - A digital platform for collaboration

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

MobilityXlab today hosted its third yearly Tech Day which saw 25 specially invited startups showcase their business to our partners from CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenseact. The startups addressed the hottest of topics in the automotive, transportation and connectivity industry, and presented the audience with cutting edge talks.

“We met, got a peek into the future and listened to the people pioneering the future of mobility. It was an incredible buzz in our digital room, and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended and made this day so full of interesting insights, commented Katarina Brud, Director MobilityXlab.

Tech Day had startups addressing areas as data-computing-annotation, edge-cloud, location-positioning, AD-ADAS, HMI, new materials-sustainability as well as industry 4.0.

"Today we saw startups from eight different countries share their latest progress with MobilityXlab´s partners. Working together with startups through collaboration hubs speeds up both innovation and development. It’s an effective tool to stay competitive and it creates a platform for fast track collaboration with other large companies," says Claes Radojewski, program manager at MobilityXlab.

Thank you to all the representatives from our partners attending, all the startups and MobilityXlab´s supporters Lindholmen Science Park AB, Västra Götalandsregionen and Vinnova.


Data / Computing / Annotation
Annotell (Sweden) - Provides a platform that makes creating high-quality training data for supervised machine learning a radically smoother process. 
SiaSearch (Germany) - The category-leading search engine for petabyte-scale ADAS and automated driving data.
Prometa (Sweden)- Develop and deploy scalable Workforce Streaming solutions for large multinational enterprises
Upstride (Germany) - Reshaping Compute. An API to improve the accuracy, data efficiency and power consumption of neural networks.
BrighterAI (Germany) - Anonymize personal information in video data, while keeping the value for analytics & AI.
Deeplite ( Canada) -  Automated optimization software to make deep neural networks faster, smaller, and energy-efficient.
High Mobility (Germany) - HIGH MOBILITY is an open, API-first car data company with a mission to build the leading environment for software developers to discuss, test, and launch data-driven mobility services.

Stream Analyze (Sweden) - Provides a groundbreaking IoT Edge stream Analytic Engine built with productivity in mind. 
CloudBackend (Sweden) - Enabling a world where everything is connected and accelerated by providing the data service that makes AI, big data analysis, and decentralized edge compute work.
Ekkono (Sweden) - Ekkono means *cognition*, and that’s what we add to the world of connected things (IoT). We make them smart through self-learning, anomaly detection, predictions of future faults, and by identifying what makes them work at an optimum and be more intuitive.
Imagimob (Sweden) - Imagimob AI is a SaaS solution for fast and easy end-to-end development of Edge AI applications that runs on edge devices with constrained resources

ZaiNar (USA) - (/zye-nar/) is developing the next generation of wireless radio location tracking technologies for mobile and IoT application
Naventik (Germany)- Positioning Solutions For Vehicle Autonomy.

Uniquesec (Sweden) - Develops advanced signal processing algorithms for small-scale radars in various applications such as level measurement.
Voysys (Sweden) - Safe video communication over wild, congested and jittery 4G/LTE networks.
XenomatiX (Belgium) -  Focus on safety first by bringing innovative lidar technology to market, responding to its customers' needs.
CogniBIT (Germany) - Making Autonomous Vehicles Safe by bringing the human element into traffic simulation.
Ainomaly - 

Spectralics (Israel) - Developing next-generation optical chip technology.
Phasya (Belgium) - Phasya develops the first software portfolio for monitoring several physiological and cognitive states (e.g. drowsiness, stress, etc.) that influence human performances
Opsis - Opsis is a leading provider of software solutions for facial expression analysis and emotion recognition.

New Materials / Sustainability 
Enso Tyres (United Kingdom) -  Developing sustainable tyres for electric vehicles, delivering sustainable mobility by improving the performance and environmental impact of tyres
The Tyre Collective (United Kingdom) - Mitigate emissions by capturing tyre wear at the source to ensure clean air, safeguarding our environment and health.
Nortical (Sweden) - Nortical has a software that makes battery usage more efficient and sustainable.

Industry 4.0
Viking Analytics (Sweden) - We help asset-heavy companies to predict and prevent expensive machine downtimes and performance degradations of their processes and assets.
ZeroKey (Canada) - Hyper-accurate 3D localization sensor technology, the gateway to Industry 4.0