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Twelve startups selected to collaborate with six world-leading Swedish companies

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Today, the collaboration hub MobilityXlab announces the twelve startups selected to create and develop new innovations within future mobility together with six of Sweden's largest industrial companies. In this batch, DPella /Sweden, Deep Scenario/Germany, IVEX/Belgium, AgeVolt/Slovakia, Chargetrip/Netherlands, DataTor Lab/Sweden, Emsense/Sweden, Kontrol/Austria, RadChat/Sweden, Sekai/Malta, Lolo/Sweden, and Omen Technologies/Sweden have been given the opportunity after a thorough process.

The six founders of MobilityXlab: CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact, are looking forward to the collaboration.

– We are very pleased to welcome twelve new startups to MobilityXlab. These high-tech companies will be a great match for us six partners in our common pursuit of speeding up innovation to create cleaner, safer, and more efficient mobility solutions, says Johan Lundén, Senior Vice President Volvo Group, and Chairman at MobilityXlab.

This batch brings pioneering ideas within Affordable AI, Electromobility, Sensor Software Innovation, and In-Cabin Tech. The startups apply from all over the world, with zero equity involved.

– This is a fantastic opportunity for us at Dpella to work together with world-leading companies. We all share the same passion to bring data privacy to the future of the mobility industry, which can potentially help us as a startup to scale faster. MobilityXlab provides us with an agile work process that suits us as a startup well, comments Alejandro Russo, CEO, and co-founder at Dpella AB, Sweden.


Open collaboration platform a win-win formula

The uniqueness of MobilityXlab is the closeness to its world-leading industry partners, as their representatives are involved in every part of the organization, from screening new applicants to leading the collaboration programs. The innovation hub has managed to develop a dynamic ecosystem with a vision to create an open collaboration platform, a meeting place, to find innovations and solutions that strengthen the global competitiveness within future mobility.

– It is a win-win formula. The startups we bring into MobilityXlab today will get input from well-established industry companies to utilize their business ideas and potential. We offer them an open platform for collaboration to find common ground to strengthen their global presence within the field of future mobility. We can potentially accelerate the innovation, says Katarina Brud, Director MobilityXlab.

Six months journey

The selection process to MobilityXlab takes place twice a year, with the partners deeply integrated and involved in the selection.

– Since our launch in October 2017, MobilityXlab has seen 11 successful accelerations from connecting 47 selected startups with the partner companies. Working with innovation is not only about what companies do on their own, but whom they have access to and can collaborate with, says Katarina Brud, MobilityXlab.  

The startups now embark on a journey with MobilityXlab that will last at least six months, during which time the progress of the collaboration will be closely monitored and evaluated. After six months, a startup can get a six-month extension, or become Alumni and remain an essential part of the network for the future.  


Katarina Brud, Director MobilityXLab 
+46 70 866 2977


The original MobilityXlab was formed in October 2017 by industry partners: Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact with CEVT joining in December of the same year. Lindholmen Science Park is a co-founder and the host of the initiative. MobilityXlab is also supported by Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Authority, and Region Västra Götaland. Over the first three and a half years, the innovation hub has seen startups applying from 38 countries. It has invited 47 startups in total to collaborate which has led to over 60 proof of concepts and resulted in 11 commercial contracts or partnerships.


Deep Scenario, Germany –
DeepScenario is a Munich-based tech startup that provides highly accurate real-world traffic data for the development of advanced driver-assistance systems and automated driving. The company’s unique solution consists of two steps: First, they record challenging traffic scenarios such as zipper merges, unprotected left turns, or multilane roundabouts from a top-view perspective, and second, they precisely reconstruct the recorded scenarios using their novel artificial intelligence. With this product, DeepScenario is helping its customers in the automotive industry to train, test, and validate their self-driving algorithms in critical scenarios.

IVEX, Belgium –
IVEX provides a data analytics platform for developers to get insights to assess, improve & validate AD/ADAS systems. It measures the safety performance of AD/ADAS systems in large real-world or simulated recordings and identifies challenging scenarios to scale the test-based validation to new ODDs.

DPella, Sweden –
DPella is a company that enables analytics on private data while respecting the privacy of individuals. DPella offers companies a solution to exploit value out of their data by sharing, publishing, or monetizing analytics with strong (mathematically proven) privacy guarantees.

Emsense, Sweden –
Emsense AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden - the home of automotive safety innovations. We develop tech for the automotive industry with the main focus of saving lives if a traffic accident occurs. As a passenger, you can be sure to get the right medical care if involved in a traffic accident.

Kontrol, Austria –
Advanced driver assistance systems and functions are paving the way toward fully autonomous driving. Kontrol delivers the SW module that is needed to assure law and rule compliance for the self-driving technology of OEMs and Tier1 suppliers, making Kontrol the crucial connecting link to regulatory bodies looking for ways to verify autonomous systems on the road.

RadChat, Sweden –
Radchat offers a completely new approach to vehicle communications. By adding communication capabilities to radar chips we can proactively delete radar interference, enhance radar functionalities, and open up new possibilities within data sharing.

Omen Technologies, Sweden –
Omen is a cybersecurity startup that helps the automotive industry to stay connected & protected by an AI-driven security-analysis platform that monitors and detects cyberattacks on connected vehicles in real-time. Omen’s solution is acting locally in the vehicle which makes it extremely effective and sustainable as it eliminates the need to transmit tons of encrypted data for security analysis.

AgeVolt, Slovakia –
AgeVolt is a comprehensive EV charging ecosystem comprising of distinct but integrated products - smart EV chargers, intelligent Energy Management System, and a Digital Platform (powered by blockchain). We make charging convenient and accessible, facilitate dynamic electricity demand balancing whilst reducing the total cost of ownership for charger owners and EV users.

Chargetrip, Netherlands –
Chargetrip is the world's leading Smart EV Routing platform. We make EV-driving and -charging seamless, reduce operational costs, and unlock new business models. Our customers use our Routing-API to power solutions for individual EV-drivers and electrified fleets across Europe and the US.

DataTor Lab, Sweden –
With a unique privacy framework, DataTor provides complete control of the connectivity data to vehicle users by partnering with OEMs and their partners, enabling fair data usage to all. DataTor aims at creating data awareness and putting back the control in the hands of users.

Lolo, Sweden –
The Lolo team are seasoned IoT and mobile platform builders and decided to create all the serverless compute and networkless connectivity capabilities we wished we had over the last 10 years when serving automotive and commercial vehicle customers.

Sekai, Malta –
SEKAI is developing a scalable enterprise Digital Twin integration platform to help large companies bring existing people and systems together, in an automated way, with patented reality-capturing technology, making it easier to build a foundation for the future AI-initiatives at scale.