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The Tyre Collective test their technology with CEVT and Volvo Cars

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
It is an exciting time for the MobilityXlab startup, the Tyre Collective, as they just have arrived in Gothenburg to test their technology in real-world settings.

"Through the MobilityXlab platform, we are now in Gothenburg for several weeks, working together with CEVT and Volvo Cars to test our proof-of-concept technology. Our innovation is to mitigate emissions by capturing tyre wear at the source to ensure clean air, safeguarding our environment and health. These tests are essential for us, as we can see how our technology performs in real-world settings," says Siobhan Anderson and Hugo Richardson, The Tyre Collective. 

On this photo is the Tyre Collective team, together with Per-Erik Kronkvist, Director of Wheels and Suspension at CEVT. Part of the collaboration is also Volvo Cars.