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"We celebrate our 4th anniversary, with a firm focus on the future of mobility"

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Katarina Brud, Director of MobilityXlab reflects on the first chapters in its book.

"Four years ago, our founders’ vision was to create a neutral platform to find innovations and solutions for future mobility. The key was to do this together. We started with a catchphrase; Together, we bring future mobility closer. “Together” refers to the founders of MobilityXlab and the startups that have the best solutions and innovations for future mobility."

"We started with a blank piece of paper on October 3, 2017. We knew what we wanted to do, but not how we were going to do it. Early on, we asked potential startups if they had an interest in collaborating with our founders. We also asked them how they would like to shape and form this. We soon realized that we were on to something unique and that the ecosystem we offered was attractive. There was simply no other place where you could interact in one platform with six corporate founders at once and have a joint discussion around a table instead of having six different meetings." 

MobilityXlab four year anniversary celebration

"The same six partners are still on board. CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact all complete each other, working together with the startups and scaleups. We want to see it as different pieces of the puzzle, fitting together to be ahead of change and stay ahead of the competition within this changing landscape of future mobility. I would say that having the same partners as we started with shows that we are working well together and that MobilityXlab has delivered value to them over time."

"Collaboration has become even more critical when it comes to creating a sustainable future. We simply need different capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. Large corporations and startups work in different ways, and that is when one plus one becomes three. The key to success is that behind all technology, all startups, all corporations, there are people behind. There are individuals with a drive to make a change and be pioneering future mobility. It is people that have this fire within them that makes all the difference.

"We have now written four chapters in the book about MobilityXlab. As a result, we have 12 accelerations, which means commercial contracts or partnerships, and 62 co-labs produced by 30 of our startups. Startups from 43 countries worldwide have applied to us. I am satisfied with the numbers. Our first year was about finding our way, how to build the framework. If you look at the second and third years, we started to get up to speed. I know there are more discussions ongoing, with more to come hopefully soon. Even though you join MobilityXlab one year, which might not result in an acceleration there and then, the startups and our founding partners are often still in contact, which might materialize later."

"In the next four years, MobilityXlab will continue to pioneer future mobility, looking at different aspects with sustainability always in mind. We are staying at the forefront of what is coming and have open eyes to the changing world. We benefit from being a lean and agile organization. We adapt to find the best way forward for our founding partners to collaborate with the startups faster, and closer, to pioneer future mobility!"