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AgeVolt is a provider of a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem, making EV charging convenient and accessible whilst achieving optimal energy distribution

Agevolt Team members

AgeVolt was established in 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The founder and the creator of the charging system, Ján Zuštiak, has been working on the issue of building energy management for some time and particularly to make energy consumption more efficient for organisations, whose main concerns was the rapid growth of electromobility. They were ready to build charging points in their car parks; however, they were struggling to estimate long-term occupancy, anticipated electricity consumption and to determine the reserved capacity needed. The solution Jan came up with was a charging system that connects the EV chargers to the main energy management of the building which can optimize charging in real time according to the current capacity.

Agevolt Logotype

About Agevolt

Founded: 2019
Country: Slovakia
Business: AgeVolt is a comprehensive EV charging ecosystem comprising of distinct but integrated products - smart EV chargers, intelligent Energy Management System, and a Digital Platform (powered by blockchain). We make charging convenient and accessible, facilitate dynamic electricity demand balancing whilst reducing the total cost of ownership for charger owners and EV users.