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Chargetrip makes switching to electric mobility easy and cost-effective for both private drivers and fleets. Chargetrip is the world’s leading range prediction and EV routing platform. 


Chargetrip uses dynamic variables to compute routes from A to B, including the optimal charge stations along the way. It is the best way to guarantee drivers always have a charge to get where they need. The routing engine uses numerous variables to calculate routes including state of charge, weather, weight, stops, amenities, road curvature, elevation, plug type, charging speed, waiting time, payment options, energy costs, battery health, topography, driving style, temperature, road surface, and more.


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About Chargetrip

Founded: 2017
Country: Netherlands
Business: Chargetrip is the world's leading Smart EV Routing platform. We make EV-driving and -charging seamless, reduce operational costs, and unlock new business models. Our customers use our Routing-API to power solutions for individual EV-drivers and electrified fleets across Europe and the US.