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Cognomotiv provides realtime services to automotive and transportation industries to certify the safety, security and proper functioning of connected, semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles throughout their operational lifecycle.


As software, sensors, and realtime interconnected processes take on more critical roles in automotive and transportation systems, attack on or failures of such processes could be catastrophic. It will soon become impossible to continuously validate these complex interconnected processes and systems using traditional verification methods.

The only way to ensure the safety and security of global ridership and maintain and enhance brand integrity is during vehicle operation – to analyze, report and act on the massive amounts of data generated by vehicles systems, in realtime and at the edge.

Cognomotiv Team
The Cognomotiv team is working with leading automotive and transportation companies around the globe to validate our data-driven approach to ensure the safety and security of the next wave of new transportation services, from connected cars to fully autonomous vehicles.


About Cognomotiv

Founded: On July 4th, 2016
Headquarter: USA
Business: Data-driven end-to-end vehicle safety and security