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Ekkono Solutions

Ekkono’s edge machine learning software runs onboard the devices such as vehicles, air conditioners and electrical motors. It enables smart, self-learning and predictive features.

Ekkono Solutions

The word ekkono means cognition, and that is what we add to connected things. Ekkono makes machine learning for IoT. The Internet of Things is a genuine transformation of how product companies do business. For example, it will enable consumption-based pricing, added-value services based on domain expertise, redefining the reseller chain, and more. But this can’t be done manually. It doesn’t scale. It requires automation.

The solution for IoT automation spells machine learning. The traditional approach to machine learning, however, where data is collected and processed in gigantic cloud-based data lakes, comes with too many problems and constraints. Ekkono solves this problem by using machine learning in a different way. Instead of looking for common denominators from many, we learn what’s normal for the individual device by running onboard the device–edge machine learning. In other words, we really do edge machine learning, not just edge inference. Our core business is about predictions, and this is happening now.

About Ekkono Solutions

Founded: 2016
Headquarter: Varberg, Sweden
Business: Edge Machine Learning
LinkedIn: Ekkono Solutions
Twitter: @ekkonosolutions