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Ekkono Solutions

Making connected things smart by embedding advanced machine-learning on the connected device – in other words, edge computing.

Ekkono Solutions

The word ekkono means cognition, and that is what we add to connected things. Ekkono makes machine learning for IoT. This enables you to learn the normal state and behavior of your connected things, which is the baseline to detect anomalies, attribute what has the biggest impact on performance, predict coming events, and even simulate what if-scenarios. This is commonly used for proactive maintenance, operational optimization, and to make your products more intuitive.

We provide the solution for this 100%. IoT and machine learning are tightly connected. Manual supervision of billions of connected things will ruin the tremendous business prospect that IoT represents. Instead the machines have to become a little smarter. We, Ekkono, make them smart. This translates into money as you avoid unscheduled downtime, reduces the need for manual supervision, optimizes production and performance, makes customers happier, and makes better use of available network and processing resources.

About Ekkono Solutions

Founded: 2016
Headquarter: Varberg, Sweden
Business: Edge Machine Learning
Co-Founders: Jon Lindén, Rikard König, Anders Alneng and Joakim Andersson
LinkedIn: Ekkono Solutions
Twitter: @ekkonosolutions