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Imagimob Studio is a development platform for machine learning on edge devices. They focus on helping their customers put their Edge AI applications into production.


Give your products an intelligent edge
Imagimob AI is a system for Edge AI applications that
enables small devices with intelligence and data processing capabilities to empower you and your customers with
actionable insights - in real-time.  

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A radical approach to Edge AI
At Imagimob, we’ve figured out a way to create AI systems that can run efficiently on small devices while still delivering the performance and accuracy typically found only in biggersystems. Combining inspiration from the machine learning field with our own innovations,each of our algorithms is designed with small MCUs, low CPU usage, and low memory consumption in mind. 

The Imagimob effect
Imagimob AI software offers high accuracy in real-time, on low-cost hardware with lowpower consumption. This lends itself to a world of exciting applications, where the AImodel is pre-trained with data to create specific instincts for use in all kinds of intelligentproducts—from fall detection clothing to predictive maintenance tools. The pre-trained application collects data with its sensors, analyzes it for relevant patterns, then sends a signal only when action is needed.

About Imagimob

Founded: 2013
Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden
Business: Delivering systems for real-time artificial intelligence on the edge