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Time Critical Networks

TCN is developing a simulation engine with the objective of allowing holistic prediction of system resource utilization as well as signaling determinism and performance in a setting where the end-to-end signaling encompasses both intra- and inter vehicle networks.

Time Critical Networks

Time Critical Networks (TCN) main focus is on developing simulation software tools for evaulating next generation, Ethernet based architectures and networks.

TCN creates software that enables networks to adopt to applications' needs and requirements, not the other way around. After years of exciting advanced technology research, TCN 2017 released the TCN TimeAnalysisTM software - model based performance simulation of the network. With this software the user can build robust data networks with latency and packet-delivery in mind.

About TCN

Founded: 2008
Headquarter: Gothenburg, Sweden
Business: Delivers simulation tools for evaluating next generation networks
Co-Founders: Lars Bröhne