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Using its state-of-the-art video recognition and intelligence AI platform in real-time appliances, Valossa is developing an in-car intelligence solution for driver and passenger recognition for next-gen driving experiences.


Valossa provides unparalleled video recognition and content intelligence capabilities to capture new value of video. Valossa AI is a world-leading technology platform that enables a completely new generation of analytics and content profiling tools.

In the most recent demonstration of Valossa’s in-car intelligence, the AI recognizes people and gathers real-time biometric data from the driver’s face, such as pose changes and changes of emotional states from facial expressions.

Valossa’s vision is to develop an AI that understands video like a human does.

The roots of the video AI company Valossa are in one of Europe’s leading computer science and AI labs at the University of Oulu in Finland. During the years in the university research labs, the team had seen how the world moved beyond text, with video playing a greater role in our daily communication. This spawned an idea to use technology to automatically understand what we are viewing and apply the latest techniques to meet the emerging needs of content producers globally. Since their founding in 2015 Valossa has built next generation video intelligence tools for the benefit of the businesses working with video.

About Valossa

Founded: 2015
Headquarter: Oulu, Finland
Business: Video Recognition & Content Intelligence
Employees: 22
Co-Founders: 5