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With over 100 validation projects and 20 accelerations, MobilityXlab and its structured collaboration method have led to investment, new technologies, and talent attraction for the future of mobility.

Four buldings photographed from below in a way that their siluettes form the shape of an X.

"Startups are vital for us within the Volvo Group, they enable us to transform and innovate at a faster pace."

Tommy Hansson Strand, Vice President Innovation Lab at Volvo Group

Stefano Cucchiella, CTO and co-founder of CanaryBit, at Tech Day 2023

Advancing data protection in collective perception: CanaryBit’s story

With great data comes great responsibility. CanaryBit collaborates with MobilityXlab partners to ensure mobility data is safe and regulation-compliant.
A snowy road seen from the dashboard of a car

What if cars could predict if a road is icy or wet? Learn how MobilityXlab partners and Klimator collaborate for safer mobility

A Proof of Concept (PoC) initiated at MobilityXlab could lead to a solution that alerts and supports drivers on winter roads and advances autonomous driving technology.
A photo showing the zenseact logo on their office building.

MobilityXlab startups and Zenseact collaborate in extensive dataset to advance AD technology

Fulfilling the potential of Autonomous Driving (AD) to reach zero deaths caused by traffic accidents requires collaboration and openness. Zenseact, one of MobilityXlab’s partners, embraced this...
Josefin Larsson, CTO at Reselo, presents at MobilityXlab

Automotive leaders and startup join forces to explore the use of low-emission material in vehicles

At MobilityXlab, CEVT, Polestar and Volvo Group will collaborate with Swedish startup Reselo to test possible applications of rubber produced from tree bark in the automotive industry. The project is...

“MobilityXlab gives this first point of contact that you can start from, build trust, and get in touch with other groups within the partner company."

Dr. Holger Banzhaf, Co-Founder and Managing Director at DeepScenario

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The tight dialogue like we had with Zenseact allowed us to find what has rea-life use cases.

From PoC to Acceleration: Embedl and the importance of sticking to the strategy

Embedl was one of the first startups that joined MobilityXlab. After developing validation projects with five partners, they became one of Mobilityxlab’s accelerations, having signed a commercial...
Zenseact and brighter AI sign contract in data anonymization for autonomous driving systems

Zenseact and brighter AI sign contract in data anonymization for autonomous driving systems

Zenseact, one of the partner companies in MobilityXlab, and brighter AI, a privacy tech startup, have signed a contract in data anonymization for advanced analytics and machine learning. Starting back...
Veoneer and Arbe announce partnership in radars

MobilityXlab reaches 13 accelerations as Arbe and Veoneer announce partnership in automotive radars

Veoneer, one of the seven partners in MobilityXlab, and Arbe, a 4D imaging radar startup that joined one of the first batches of the program, have announced a partnership to co-develop radars for...
Deep Scenario

DeepScenario: “MobilityXlab offers collaboration with world-class Swedish automotive companies”

It is generally believed that the best support for a startup in the early days is a financial investment. However, finding and accessing clients is actually equally important, at least according to...


Viscando’s MobilityXlab journey

Back in 2014, when Viscando first hit the scene, the attitude towards street cameras was pretty bad. Cities all over Sweden felt they had tried so many different options that didn’t work. And the...

Two of MobilityXlab’s partners are working together to bring future of mobility closer

The reality of autonomous cars are getting closer for each day. Ericsson and Veoneer are partnering to make widespread market adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)/Autonomous Driving...

Collaboration agreement between Zenuity and Annotell is now signed at MobilityXlab

Results can now be seen in the form of new and enhanced collaboration between large companies and start-ups within the unconventional collaboration platform MobilityXlab, where the partners CEVT...