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11 emerging AI companies invited to MobilityXlab

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

11 emerging companies within AI have now been selected to join MobilityXlab’s spring period. The aim is to create the future of mobility together through a unique collaboration with MobilityXlab’s global partners.

During the first year at MobilityXlab, 40 emerging companies pitched to the community’s six partners CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity.  20 of them have been invited to the community so far. Many collaboration projects are in the discovery phase and some are already in the proof-of-concept phase. Some companies are already in the acceleration/integration phase and is attracting considerable attention from outside the whole community. 

The focus area for the 2019 spring period is emerging companies developing solutions within mobility and connectivity, using AI technology platforms. These solutions could contribute to for example, to driver support, smart infrastructures, autonomous vehicles, traffic planning, new business models for mobility or sharing economy solutions for mobility, etc. After a thorough selection process, MobilityXlab is now pleased to welcome 11 companies.

“Having selected the companies to be invited, we realize that this coming spring could be an extraordinary period for us at MobilityXlab and for the future of mobility innovation,” says Katarina Brud, Director of MobilityXlab at Lindholmen Science Park, who works closely with the partner companies. “We even have three emerging companies invited through our involvement in Nordic Future Mobility Week, an event hosted by Vinnova at Stanford University last week”, continues Katarina.

“Summarizing the first year, which included numerous start-up corporate projects and many highly interesting partner projects, we can clearly see that collaborators win”, says Didier Schreiber, the Senior Vice President Innovation at CEVT and the Chairman of the Steering Board at MobilityXlab.

Some of the newcomers will utilize the opportunity to move in to MobilityXlab’s office at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, at the beginning of January.

"MobilityXlab provides us with a way to work together with top automotive companies in Sweden. We're super excited about the upcoming joint development of autonomous driving,” says Harri Santamala, CEO of Sensible4.

“We have already seen significant interest from automotive clients and we are excited to have an opportunity to be located closer to these customers through MobilityXlab, “say the founders of Ainomaly, David Berglund and Karl Meinke.

Meet the companies that have been selected:

Ainomaly: Making software safer through AI. The algorithms in Ainomaly’s solution reduce the time to market for bug free code. In the market for autonomous vehicles, this translates directly into safer solutions on the road at a lower cost.

Foretellix: Addressing the enormous ‘GigaScale’ challenge of verifying autonomous vehicles, which can involve millions or billions of scenarios. GigaScale is achieved by combining proven automation, intelligence and reuse.

Imagimob: Leading the way in artificial intelligence on the edge, Edge AI, which means that intelligence and data processing is carried out locally on small devices.

Project Cosimo: Providing AI automation as a service for enterprise administration. Machine learning is used to automate repetitive tasks in logistics, supply chain management, finance and accounting.

Sensible 4: Making vehicle automation systems for year-round use, even for harsh Nordic winter conditions and extreme environments. 

Viscando: Helping traffic authorities to make better decisions, based on objective facts. Viscando offers automatic systems for detailed knowledge and management of traffic in smart cities with products and services that contribute to safer traffic and sustainable cities.

V2X Network: Empowering everyone with car data. The first platform that provides decentralized access to the data produced by smart cars for aftermarket application development and automatic incentive mechanism for data contribution.

Univrses: Delivering technologies and professional services to global clients with needs in computer vision and artificial intelligence, mainly in autonomous driving and autonomous robots.

From Silicon Valley we are pleased to invite the following companies to join our community;

Algolux: Algolux enables autonomous vision - empowering cameras to see more clearly and perceive what cannot be detected with today’s imaging and vision systems. Algolux’s AI technology can tackle the mission-critical requirement of safe and robust perception for autonomous vehicles and ADAS.

Cognomotiv:  Providing realtime, in-vehicle, automotive-grade distributed AI services to the automotive and transportation industries to certify the safety, security and proper functioning of connected, semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles throughout their operational lifecycle.

ZaiNar: Enabling the world’s best time synchronization across networks powering sub-meter location tracking of RF devices such as phones, cars, scooters, drones, and IoT in 3D without retrofitting.


We would like to congratulate the following companies who will remain onboard:

Annotell:  Providing a unique web-based platform that makes it radically smoother and more efficient to create high-quality annotated data for supervised machine learning.

Ekkono: Making connected things smart by embedding advanced machine-learning on the connected device – in other words, edge computing.  

Machine Intelligence Sweden: Bringing cutting-edge research in machine learning from academia to strategic industry applications.

Talkamatic: Creating the next generation of conversational AI.

Valossa: Providing unparalleled video recognition and content intelligence capabilities to leverage new value from video. Valossa is also developing an in-car intelligence solution for driver and passenger recognition for next-gen driving experiences.

Viking Analytics: Helping to predict and prevent machine downtime and plan maintenance for the heavy industry.

For further information please contact:

Katarina Brud                                          
+46 (0)31 764 70 29

Didier Schreiber
Chairman of the Steering Board 
+46 (0)733 23 36 09


MobilityXlab is an unconventional collaboration platform where large and emerging companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together. We offer these newcomers the opportunity to accelerate through the possibility to strategic partnership with six global players within mobility and connectivity. We are passionate about transportation and we are sure that we together will bring the future of mobility closer and improving the world of tomorrow.

MobilityXlab’s partners are CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Zenuity and Lindholmen Science Park. The initiative is supported by Vinnova and Region Västra Götaland.