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Katarina Brud, Director
mobile: +46 (0)70 866 2977

Isabela Cavedem, Communications Officer
mobile: +46 (0)70 491 9465

Photos are free for download and use in a MobilityXlab context. If you need additional information about us and what we do, you are also welcome to contact a member of our team


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Katarina Brud

Katarina Brud
Director at MobilityXlab
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Katarina Brud


Startups on stage with a golden confetti rain

Four startups join MobilityXlab to collaborate and innovate with automotive industry leaders

Juteborg (Sweden), Quanscient (Finland), Tether (Sweden) and TG0 (United Kingdom) are the new startups joining the collaboration program.
Josefin Larsson, CTO at Reselo, presents at MobilityXlab

Automotive leaders and startup join forces to explore the use of low-emission material in vehicles

At MobilityXlab, CEVT, Polestar and Volvo Group will collaborate with Swedish startup Reselo to test possible applications of rubber produced from tree bark in the automotive industry. The project is...
How we do it - Two people shaking hands

MobilityXlab reaches milestone of 100 Proof of Concepts with industry leaders

In a significant stride towards pioneering the future of mobility, MobilityXlab has achieved a landmark 100 Proof of Concepts (PoCs) between startups and the program’s industry partners.
Startups arrive at MobilityXlab

Five new startups join MobilityXlab to collaborate with leaders in the mobility industry

The future of transportation and mobility needs to be climate-neutral, safe and connected. To help reach these goals faster, five startups were invited to join MobilityXlab, the platform to promote...
Smart Mobility Accelerator

Three Dominant Mobility Players Partner with EIT Urban Mobility to Form a Revolutionary Consortium!

Drive TLV (Israel), MobilityXlab (Sweden), and STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play (Germany) are proud to announce their partnership with EIT Urban Mobility to launch the Smart Mobility...
MobilityXlab - We Pioneer Future Mobility

MobilityXlab invites eight startups to join the collaboration platform with mobility industry leaders

Collaborating with startups is one important way to produce climate-neutral vehicles faster. Sustainable materials, passports to track the lifecycle of electric batteries, and technology that can...
Veoneer and Arbe announce partnership in radars

MobilityXlab reaches 13 accelerations as Arbe and Veoneer announce partnership in automotive radars

Veoneer, one of the seven partners in MobilityXlab, and Arbe, a 4D imaging radar startup that joined one of the first batches of the program, have announced a partnership to co-develop radars for...
Katarina Brud, director at MobilityXlab

MobilityXlab invites 11 startups to create innovative mobility solutions

The startups will now participate in the program for at least six months to co-create solutions with the seven world-leading industry partners: CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo...
Katarina Brud MobilityXlab and Nils Mösko Polestar

Polestar signs agreement to join innovation hub MobilityXlab

Polestar, with its mission to produce electric performance cars shaping the future of mobility, is announced as the new partner of MobilityXlab. The partnership starts with immediate effect and gives...
Katarina Brud, Director of MobilityXlab, holding a speech.

Four new startups selected to create innovative and sustainable mobility solutions

Artificial intelligence in software for drug detection, global digital identity solutions, real-time communication across vehicle brands, and software that finds signs of health-related deterioration...

Twelve startups selected to collaborate with six world-leading Swedish companies


Today, the collaboration hub MobilityXlab announces the twelve startups selected to create and develop new innovations within future mobility together with six of Sweden's largest industrial companies...

Seven startups are invited to Gothenburg’s innovation hub MobilityXlab in January 2021


After a thorough selection process and a record number of applications, seven startups are selected to be a part of MobilityXlab and get the chance to collaborate with MobilityXlab’s partners CEVT...

And the Winners of the Future Mobility Award are...


The startups pioneering future mobility have been selected. MobilityXlab’s Future Mobility Awards was introduced to acknowledge and reward startups and scaleups all over the world who’ve made a...

MobilityXlab launches Future Mobility Awards


MobilityXlab collaborates with MathWorks to highlight startups and scaleups innovating the mobility and transportation industry. The winners will be awarded on October 6 at Lindholmen Science Park in...

11 new companies invited to mobilityXlab spring period!


Ultra-fast battery charging and cybersecurity in focus when new emerging companies move into mobilityXlab!

7 emerging companies invited to MobilityXlab


Startups from 17 nations have applied to join the MobilityXlab innovation hub for the autumn period 2019. The aim is to create the future of mobility together with MobilityXlab’s partners CEVT...

Collaboration agreement between Zenuity and Annotell is now signed at MobilityXlab

Results can now be seen in the form of new and enhanced collaboration between large companies and start-ups within the unconventional collaboration platform MobilityXlab, where the partners CEVT...

11 emerging AI companies invited to MobilityXlab


11 emerging companies within AI have now been selected to join MobilityXlab’s spring period. The aim is to create the future of mobility together through a unique collaboration with MobilityXlab’s...

MobilityXlab welcomes new emerging companies


Nine emerging and highly exciting companies have now been selected to join MobilityXlab. The aim is to create the future of mobility together with MobilityXlab’s global partners.

CEVT joins the startup accelerator MobilityXlab


CEVT AB – China Euro Vehicle Technology – Geely’s innovation and development centre in Sweden now joins the newly formed MobilityXlab at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. “Together with...

Large innovative multinationals driving investment in tomorrow’s transportation


In an increasingly complex and digitalized sector, where automation, electro mobility and connected vehicles comprise the future, new requirements are being set in terms of work approaches. Which is...