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7 emerging companies invited to MobilityXlab

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Startups from 17 nations have applied to join the MobilityXlab innovation hub for the autumn period 2019. The aim is to create the future of mobility together with MobilityXlab’s partners CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity, at Lindholmen Science Park - a unique collaboration.

After a thorough selection process, MobilityXlab looks forward to welcoming seven emerging companies developing solutions within mobility and connectivity. These are solutions able to contribute to such fields as self-healing software, privacy solutions for visual data and teleoperation systems for Remote Safety Drivers.

“​We are​ very happy to see how MobilityXlab, now into its second year of operation, is increasingly drawing attention from leading startups from all over the world. This is the result of a unique partnership model giving startups a fast-track route into not just one, but six world-leading companies. We are excited to see the innovations coming out of MobilityXlab”, says Magnus Gunnarsson, ​Chairman of the Steering Board.

"MobilityXlab has created a clear path from pitching an idea to productization with leading global automotive companies - reaching the right people in the right companies in such a short time would not be possible without them. We are confident that our Self-Healing Software will be future-proofing their automotive innovations soon!", comments Roger Ordman, EVP Marketing at Aurora Labs.

“The startups are coming from five different countries, and it will be really interesting to see how our stakeholders can accelerate the development of tomorrow's mobility together,'' states Katarina Brud, Director MobilityXlab at Lindholmen Science Park.

Meet the companies selected:

Aurora Labs (Israel)
Aurora Labs is pioneering Self-Healing Software for connected cars using machine-learning to uniquely address all four stages of an In-Vehicle Software Management solution: Detect, Fix, Update and Validate. Aurora Labs is future-proofing the next generation of software-driven automotive features.

Brighter AI (Germany)
Brighter AI has developed Deep Natural Anonymization, a privacy solution for visual data based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology. The software generates artificial faces and license plates that replace the original objects, thereby empowering companies to protect the identity of individuals and be compliant with increasing data privacy regulations worldwide, while collecting and processing camera data. 

Deeplite (Canada) 
Deeplite is an early-stage AI software venture dedicated to solving fundamental issues with efficient and scalable deep learning. We research, design and develop intelligent optimization software powered by reinforcement learning to make Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) faster, smaller and energy-efficient from cloud to edge computing. 

Enso Tyres (United Kingdom) 
ENSO is driving innovation in the tyre industry by developing more sustainable and more energy-efficient tyres for electric vehicles (EVs). 

Pionate AB (Sweden) 
Pionate AB develops a new type of safe and efficient real-time systems for autonomous vehicles and similar demanding applications. This very compact system has been optimized for large data flows and fast decision-making, improving safety, reducing risk of cyber-attacks, cutting energy consumption, lowering demands for advanced hardware and enabling efficient high-volume production and updates. 

Voysys AB (Sweden) 
Teleoperation system for Remote Safety Drivers. Short latency even during drastic bandwidth drops allows remote driving over 4G/5G. Our in-house 3D engine allows for immersive rendering of the driving environment on projected domes, monitor walls and VR headsets. Our SDK/plugin architecture allows building of Augmented Reality features for improved safety and/or productivity.

Zerokey (Canada) 
Breakthrough IIoT sensor technology (18+ patents) enables high accuracy real-time wall-to-wall 3D tracking of assets, personnel, gestures/workflow, and equipment in large industrial environments. Provides a completely new and actionable data source that flips industrial workflow paradigms on their head.

In addition to these new startups, we are also very happy to have ten of our previous companies still onboard: AinomalyForetellix, Project Cosimo, Sensible 4, Viscando, V2X Network, Univrses, Algolux, Cognomotiv and ZaiNar.


MobilityXlab Facts:

Founded: Autumn 2017
Industry Partners: CEVT, Ericsson, Veeoner, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenuity
The idea: MobilityXlab is an unconventional collaboration platform where large, established organisations and emerging companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together.
Startups invited the first year: 23
New startups for autumn this year: 7 from Sweden (2), Israel, UK, Canada (2) and Germany
Hosted by Lindholmen Science Park and supported by Västra Götalandsregionen and Vinnova