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Key Dates for Batch 10 announced

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Get the opportunity to access the network and accelerate through a strategic partnership with seven of the world’s leading global companies within mobility and connectivity. The application opens on 22 August.

Participants at Tech Day

MobilityXlab’s collaboration program is aimed at startups and emerging companies seeking Proof of Concepts (POCs) and validation projects that may lead to pilots and a commercial contract. Selected startups work with our seven partners: CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact, global-game changers within the field of future mobility. We believe that together with startups we can co-create solutions that develop into successful companies delivering products and services fit for the next generation. 

The program runs for six months, with two “batches” per year. The selected startups go on a journey with MobilityXlab who will facilitate all meetings and checkpoints. From the start of the program, you will get an assigned partner lead, an internal champion responsible for the continuous progress of your collaboration. After six months, a startup can get a six-month extension, or become Alumni and remain a member of MobilityXlab’s community for the future. 

Key Dates - Batch 10 

22 August: Application opens
12-16 September: Reversed Pitch - partners explaining their needs
22 September: Info session #1, open for anyone interested in applying
28 September: Info session #2, open for anyone interested in applying
17 October: Application closes
9 November: Pitch selection deadline
21-25 November: Pitch Week 
14 December: Startup selection deadline
16 January: Batch announcement (press release)
25 January: Kickoff
21 June: Wrap-up

We welcome companies from all over the world, and most meetings and checkpoints are conducted online. This is also a no-fee/no equity program. MobilityXlab does not invest in your company. The goal of our program is for a startup to enter a commercial contract with one of our partners. You, as a startup company, keep all of your equity and gain a unique opportunity to work with industry leaders.


Find more information about MobilityXlab in our FAQ or contact: