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Mobility Talks #5: Ericsson and the role of connectivity in future mobility

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

In the new episode of Mobility Talks, Ericsson discusses how data management is essential to a future with connected cars and mobility services.

In this episode, Katarina Brud, Magnus Gunnarsson and Johannes Schygge talk about how Ericsson sees the future of mobility and how safe and reliable data connectivity and management is crucial to enable self-driving cars and mobility-as-a-service solutions.

To Johannes Schygge, Ericsson plays an important role in providing a faster and smoother user experience for connected mobility services. "For example, if you want to unlock a scooter on the street, if it takes 10 minutes, the customer might never want to use that company again. But if we help them reduce that time to two milliseconds or half a second, then the customer experience is improved" he explains. 

Consumers are also more aware of the data being generated and handled by their cars, according to Magnus Gunnarsson, and Ericsson has a special focus on the regulatory aspects of it as well as the effects caused by the growth in AI, which gathers a lot of data to develop new features and services. In this scenario, collaborating with startups in MobilityXlab becomes essential to Ericsson, as a way of reaching bleeding-edge technology that can be integrated into the company's network, services or cloud.

Watch the entire conversation in the video above.