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Reversed Partner Pitch gives startups unique insight into partner needs

Monday, February 22, 2021

To add more value to the collaboration between its six industry partners and some of the world's best startups, MobilityXlab is now introducing the "Reversed Partner Pitch."

Electromobility, March 8
Affordable AI, March 9
In-Cabin Tech, March 11
Sensor Software Innovation, March 12

In early March, each partner will pitch in front of startups in five-minute online talks and explain in greater detail what they specifically are looking for within four categories; Affordable AI, Electromobility, In-Cabin Tech, and Sensor Software Innovation. A five-minute Q/A will follow each presentation. 

“This targeted approach makes it easier for us to explain our challenges and business need, and it is the perfect way to find the right startups to work with", says Karolina Bjurehed, Head of Investor Relations at Volvo Cars Tech Fund, one of six partners to MobilityXlab. 

In previous years, the routine has been one-way, as each startup has presented the group of partners with their business case.  

"Through making this process two-way and also letting the partners pitch, we hope to add extra value to the Application Process and continue succeeding to find relevant startups that fit our partner needs. This will be a unique opportunity for startups to find out what is "top of mind" right now at CEVT, Ericsson, Volvo Car, Volvo Group, Veoneer, and Zenseact in their search for the next generation of mobility. To listen to the pitches will also come useful for the startups as the application can be better tailored", Claes Radojewski, program manager at MobilityXlab, explains. 

The application period ends on March 31st. To be appointed to a collaboration with MobilityXlab, at least two of the partners need to show interest in a startup's business case.

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