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Aurora Labs

Solving the Challenges of Automotive Software Development with AI

Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs is pioneering Self-Healing Software for connected cars using machine learning to uniquely address all four stages of an In-Vehicle Software Management solution: Detect, Fix, Update and Validate. Aurora Labs is futureproofing the next generation of software-driven automotive features.

The human body is a work in progress. The essential ‘mechanics’ and ‘software’ are present when the body ‘leaves the production line’. These fundamental tools create a unique basis for the human body to adapt to changing environments, overcome adverse situations and continuously evolve. Furthermore, humans have the ability to share knowledge and learn from one another’s experiences. At Aurora Labs, we envision a future where machines too will be able to adapt and evolve. A day when Self-Healing Software will be able to adapt to better fit changing architectures and be optimized for changing environments. A day when Self-Healing Software will be aware of changes in its performance and be able to determine which may lead to catastrophic results. A day when Self-Healing Software will have the tools to apply temporary fixes to keep the machine performing and functioning and the ability to perform ‘surgical’ upgrades when improved or new functionality becomes available. In the world of connected devices, a future that is constantly improving, adapting and sharing will open vast opportunities for new services and a better way of life. This future is fast becoming a reality across all industries, from Smart Cities to Smart Devices and Smart Mobility.

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About Aurora Labs

Headquarters: Israel
Business: Self-healing software for connected cars