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Lolo Company

Lolo Company builds visual event-driven NodeJS applications with robust serverless platforms but with the ability to re-use and visualize the customer's logic.

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Serverless is usually associated with FaaS. In Lolo Code, the apps are still event-driven, just like the FaaS concept of triggering a function when an event happens. However, what is unique, is their ability to chain several functions and triggers within the application. This simplifies building Serverless applications, especially for beginners. Nevertheless, they have several additional benefits besides the visual editor.Their container is technically always live. Ideal for Websockets. 

About Lolo Company

Founded: 2019
Country: Sweden 
Business: The Lolo team are seasoned IoT and mobile platform builders and decided to create all the serverless compute and networkless connectivity capabilities we wished we had over the last 10 years when serving automotive and commercial vehicle customers.

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