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Opsis Emotion AI


With over 10 years of R&D and commercial collaboration in the field of human–computer interaction, our technology advocates a perfect discernment of emotions with high accuracy and natural capabilities of extracting concealed feelings.

opsis emotion ai

Opsis is a spin-off from A*STAR based on 5 years of R&D in Emotion Analyses AI. The technology has won 6 international awards and accolades:

  • Only solution in the world using the psychology circumplex model resulting in more precise emotion measurements with 2 Dimension data points.
  • ​Real-time processing and analysis for individual and large crowds.
  • Technology accounts for Ethnicity and cultural differences with high accuracy of 93%
  • ​Capable of detecting thousands of different moods
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About Opsis Emotion AI

Country: Singapore
Business: Real-time processing and analysis for individual and large crowds