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Application now open!

You are invited! Apply now to MobilityXlab if you are a startup and have the solution our partners are looking for within five categories: Electromobility, In-Cabin Tech, Autonomous Enablers...
Two people smiling in front of camera at MobilityXlab office

Five categories in focus for the current application

For this application, our partners are looking for innovations within Electromobility, In-Cabin Tech, Autonomous Enablers, Connectivity, and Smart Transport Systems. Application is open between...
Dash board in a car

SIGN UP TODAY - Reversed Pitch, We turn the tables around

To add more value to the collaboration between its six industry partners and some of the world's best startups, MobilityXlab is hosting "Reversed Partner Pitch", which gives startups unique insight...
Katarina Brud, Director of MobilityXlab, holding a speech.

Four new startups selected to create innovative and sustainable mobility solutions

Artificial intelligence in software for drug detection, global digital identity solutions, real-time communication across vehicle brands, and software that finds signs of health-related deterioration...

Join MobilityXlab on Day 3 of Sweden Innovation Days, January 19

Which innovation do you think will be the most important for the year 2022?
Sanna Moore MobilityXlab

We are hiring!

Be our new Tech Scout or Innovation Manager - Apply by January 31 at the latest.
Jonas Ekmark Zenseact

Zenseact's Jonas Ekmark new chair of MobilityXlab

With six founding partners collaborating under the MobilityXlab umbrella, we also see a change in the Chair of the Board at a regular interval. Now, the turn has come to Zenseact and their Head of...
Mobilitytalk with Jonas Ekmark

#mobilitytalk 3: An interview with Jonas Ekmark, Zenseact

It is essential to have a good interaction between the industry partner’s development teams and the startups from the word go. If you don't give a startup the proper access, it can quickly become a...


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